31 juli 2016

Borre vikingamarknad 2016. Borre vikingmarket 2016.

Här kommer bildrapport från årets vikingamarknad i Borre, som var kall trots en del solsken.
Here comes a pictorial report from this years viking market in Borre, Norway, that was really cold despite the sunshine. 

 Because of my friend Isa's great enthusiasm over ceramics, the market really became an experience of viking age pottery and it was really inspiring.
 Slowly heating up the pottery before it's time to bake it.
Gave me a bit of a The Flinstones feeling! :D
The market is filled with great craft and great crafts people and great people.
This was my project for the week, fulling wool fabric with my feet.
 Konsten att posera.
 Vi samlas runt tolkningar av olika gravfynd av Erin.
Tack för i år alla goa människor!
Thanks for this time, all you wonderful people!