28 feb. 2019

Medieval hose.

A while back now, I made some hoses for two different people with different needs and wishes.
First pair is part of a medieval kit for a musician, all handsewn. They were made in a lovely, thick and soft, slightly fulled wool fabric with a cut surface, choosen by the musician to match the rest of his kit.
The model is from the Greenland finds.
It's the first time I made a pair with feet for someone and it was interesting shaping them and fitting them, and trying to sew the seems as flat and non-intrusive as possible. We only had one fitting so they are not as snug as they could have been but they did look nice when worn.
 Next pair was for a young dude fighting and reenacting late viking age/early medieval. He'd chosen a nice two-coloured twill in white and natural grey, quite suitable for his period.
On both pairs I reinforced the tie-up hole with a small piece of leather on the back. I don't know if this is the way to make the hole strong but it's possible and I made it on the back so it wouldn't be seen, also when you make things for others you want to make sure it's well made and durable.

I didn't have enough fabric so I made some piecing and extra seams, very HA, I think some of the greenlandic finds have extra seams too.

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